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Site 16
(Constructed for Mr. & Mrs. William Barrie)
Constructed c. 1869
Architect and builder unknown


Records indicate that 508 S. Jefferson was constructed in 1869 for William C. Barrie, the owner of a Dry Goods store. Reflecting the changing tastes of 136 years, subsequent owners 508 South Jefferson:  Residencehave made numerous alterations and additions to the home.  Originally, the structure’s Carpenter Gothic revival style exterior was clad with board and batten siding.  City records indicate that a building permit was taken out in 1890.  It was probably at this point that the exterior clapboard was installed, the large tripartite window was installed in the living room and the current front porch was constructed.


As part of the  Jefferson Avenue Corridor Project, Neighborhood Renewal Services acquired it in 2003. A new roof has been installed and new uses for this home are being explored - a use that will help assure that this venerable home continues to be part of a vibrant S. Jefferson Avenue.




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