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Block bounded by East Genesee, Federal and South Warren

Site 2

Dedicated: 1906
Landscape design: Central Michigan Nursery, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Fountain design: Roy Merriam, Saginaw, Michigan, fabricated by Hobson and Company, Saginaw, Michigan with sculpture supplied by Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company


Picture of Jeffers ParkMichael Jeffers was a Saginaw businessman and real estate investor.  After his death in 1904, his heirs deeded a block of commercial buildings to the city with the understanding that the buildings would be removed and the site would become a city park.   Before the park was completed, the Jeffers heirs donated a monumental drinking fountain dedicated to Michael Jeffers. The fountain and park were dedicated with great fanfare on May 30, 1906. Located in the core of the business district, at various times the park has served as a town square.  During World War II, a temporary monument honoring the war dead was erected.  In 1947 a permanent memorial honoring World War II dead was built in the park.  This was relocated to Veterans Memorial Plaza in 2003. The restored park was rededicated in June of 2013.





Rollover map of Historic South Jefferson Walking Tour 100 South Jefferson Avenue 403 South Jefferson - Dow House (This is connected to the First Congregational Church) Jeffers Park 403 South Jefferson - First Congregational Church 600 Federal Avenue 500 Federal Avenue - Castle Museum 505 Janes Avenue - Hoyt Library 303 Jefferson Avenue 310 South Jefferson Avenue 321 South Jefferson Avenue 523 Hayden 411 Hayden 505 Millard 503 South Jeffferson 508 South Jefferson 523 South Jefferson 505 Thompson 518 Thompson 604 South Jefferson 614 South Jefferson 615 South Jefferson St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral South Jefferson and Hoyt - Location of the fire of 1893


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